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Our �Synergistic Services System� generates shared vision and values through efficient coordination of actions among our Service Areas. Synergy is the difference between services from a group of working people and a team. This approach assures creation of comprehensive and fully integrated medical education programs.
Synergistic Services System
Research (assessment, data review, consultations)
Plan (strategize, collaborate, conceptualize)
Recommend (prepare grant request and budget)
Develop (content, design, logistics, production)
Execute (implementation via planned method)
Evaluate (analyze feedback vehicles, generate reports)

�Working with EAS on this project was all positive and everyone was terrific to work with. The planning calls were well-run and the medical content was excellent. 
We plan to work with your company again.�

(Medical Affairs Manager, Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company)

From live events to enduring materials, EAS delivers programs that suit every educational interest.
Service Areas
Client Services
Design Services
Editorial Development
Medical Direction
Meeting Planning
Multimedia Management
Production Services
Program Development
Strategic Development
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